Eco Pond Rescue L.I.P.V.A.C.S Aeration and Circulation

The use of a venturi to mix the air and water has the highest oxygen transfer rate of any device.
Additionally the water and air are mixed under pressure through at least 20 feet of pipe.
The turbulent flow and extended air/water contact time create an excellent mixing process that
simulates deeper water. The intake manifold is on or near the bottom of the water body with the
discharge in the upper 1/3 of the water column, creating a bottom to top mixing effect plus the
horizontal circulation of the discharge nozzle. The inducted air travels the length of the discharge
pipe and is exhausted through the air discharge vents and the nozzle.

The final result is vertical and horizontal water movement with the constant introduction of air
into the water column at a very low electrical cost of less than $1.00 per 24 hour operating period
(based on 12 cents per KWH).

You can purchase and install this system for 1/3 the price of a standard 1 HP diffuser system and operate it for 2/3 less energy. Installation is easy and does not require any special tools or skills. The pump plugs in to a standard household electrical outlet.

Eco Pond Rescue LIPVACS Aeration and Circulation System

These numbers do not include the “affected GPM” which represents the water that is moved by the kinetic energy (energy in motion) created by the intake and discharge of the water. This is simply the amount of water/air moved by the pumping system.

Typical 1 hp diffuser systems use between 9 and 12 amps of electricity delivering 4 to 8 CFM The circulation from these types of systems are from the rising bubbles (passive movement). Therefore in shallow lakes (less than 8ft) the circulation is often much less than listed.

With less electrical demand, high measurable water circulation and the excellent transfer rate of a venturi system you can now afford to aerate and circulate around the clock.

The system comes with all fittings, pump, pump house, venturi, installation instructions and connections. Depending on the installation requirements additional, commercially available, PVC pipe must be purchased.

If you purchase our bacteria product, you can even use the venturi to distribute the bacteria for you!! No Mess. No Boat. No Special Tools.

Special pricing available for educational systems and government. Installation available. Contact Us for more information.