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Do It Yourself

Eco Pond Rescue understands the financial resources necessary to hire a maintenance company to keep your lake or pond clean. Many of us are paying a premium just for spraying services, which in the long run actually makes the lake worse. We never liked the idea of paying a maintenance fee to make things worse and we're sure you don't either. That is why Eco Pond Rescue offers a "Do It Yourself" kit that gives you everything you need to install your own L.I.P.V.A.C.S. system and treat your lake with beneficial bacteria. Working with you, we will develop a plan that will meet your pond or lake's specific needs.

Everything you need will be delivered to your address, along with detailed instructions, a step by step instructional DVD and support materials. The DIY kit includes the L.I.P.V.A.C.S pump and venturi, pump housing, fittings, dissolved oxygen testing kit, air-vac system and more. The only thing you have to add is some lengths of pipe from Lowes (we include a shopping list with Lowes SKU numbers) The additional pipe and glue is less than $100.00.

Once installed, the L.I.P.V.A.C.S is virtually maintenance free. And, with the monthly bacteria dosing that goes through the venturi, nothing could be easier. No special tools or equipment required. Click Here For More About the L.I.P.V.A.C.S

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Eco Pond Rescue offers an all inclusive, five level treatment program. Our program is not a one time "quick fix" solution, rather it is a regular maintenance program that will improve the health and appearance of your lake. The detailed evaluation of the lake includes:

  • Size
  • Depth
  • Gallonage
  • PH
  • Clarity
  • Temperature
  • Dissolved Oxygen

These are done each month to assure correct dosing and circulation occur to achieve the best results.

Based on the initial results, a plan is formulated and approved by your lake manager or homeowners association. Once accepted and based on your groups preference, we hold an education seminar where your group can learn about the environmental "best practices" to keep your lake clean as well as a review of planting, spraying, water aeration / circulation as well as the bacterial treatment.

Our number one criteria is to "heal" the lake or pond, not just treat the symptoms. Secondly we are for encouraging the natural process to protect all wildlife and the families that live around these bodies of water. We use all natural organic products, combined with reliable time tested methods for maintaining your lake.

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Bacteria Treatment

This is where Eco Pond Rescue is different from all the rest. We are the exclusive Florida distributors and an all natural organic treatment that eats and digests nutrients faster than the algae can use them. Thereby starving the algae and reducing blooms. Our product utilizes naturally occurring bacteria's that clean the water column, reduce nutrients and ammonia's as well as reducing nitrogen in the sludge layers, a little at a time.  The water becomes clearer, odors are removed, blooms minimized and most important the sludge is treated and the lake starts to heal. The bacteria digest many types of nutrients including nitrogen, fecal matter (yes you have fecal matter in your lake) and other nutrients.

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Venturi Aeration System L.I.P.V.A.C.S more

In Florida's hot sun, dissolved oxygen in the water drops dramatically (especially in summer and in shallow lakes). When the sun is out, photosynthesis produces oxygen in the water which is used by the wildlife AND the algae. When the sun is down, the fish must have enough dissolved oxygen to survive the night.

Unfortunately, the algae consumes dissolved oxygen at high rates 24 hours a day as well as the algae that is decomposing at the bottom of the lake (this is why algaecides actually contribute to the problem). When the DO (dissolved oxygen) gets below 2ppm fish die and the lake is in crisis.

Also, each body of water has a water column that is made up like a layer cake. The bottom layer is usually cooler than the top but is DO deficient and trapped with dead algae as well as not being exposed to the sun (no photosynthesis). It is usually the "sickest" water in the lake. The next layers usually have a higher DO except they are warmer and have many suspended particles or nutrients. The top layer gets the highest DO (because of the sun) and is the warmest water available however, the warmer the water the less oxygen it can hold. After some time and usually after a cooling rain, the bottom layer flips to the top and the top layer sinks, releasing all the "sick" water from the bottom causing high levels of nutrients and low levels of dissolved oxygen to mix in the water column. This is called flipping and usually precedes a fish kill as well as adding nutrient rich water to feed algae blooms. Again the lake is in crisis.

Water circulation and aeration reduces this problem by moving the water column gently and keeping the water rich in oxygen. By keeping the water column in motion the water does not have a chance to deoxygenate on the bottom, decomposition of biomass occurs quicker and the overall health of the lake improves. All ponds and lakes benefit from aeration and circulation. In Florida, because of the extreme heat, it is critical to provide aeration and circulation to maintain your ponds health (mosquito larvae don't like moving water either).

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Spraying Services

When necessary, spraying is used to control nuisance weeds and algae. We are fully licensed and state certified by the State of Florida to apply algaecides and herbicides to aquatic environments. While this is sometimes a necessary evil, we try to restrict spraying and allow the natural organic bacteria to do its job.

Our goal is to restore the health of your lake for the long term.

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Maintenance Program

Services are provided every month. This includes water monitoring, bacteria treatment, venturi system maintenance and spot spraying as needed. A written report of the waters readings will be provided to the lake manager and any further instructions to maintain water health.

It is also important to understand the impact your local environment has on the health of your lake and how you, as an individual, can make a huge difference. We will provide you with educational materials and instruction on how your community can help "maintain" the water quality. Remember, one negligent person within your watershed area can add enough nutrients or pollutants to cause significant problems and even long term damage to your lake or pond.

FERTILIZERS: Overuse of fertilizers and lawn chemicals is common place. Most people don't know when to fertilize, if they need to fertilize or which fertilizer to use. Anything with nitrogen and phosphates are deadly for your lake. Use an organic fertilizer that does not have these ingredients. The state of Florida just passed legislation to reduce the amount of nitrogen that can be used in fertilizers because of the problems with nutrient rich run off.

PLANTS. Plantings in the body of water are good for the health of the water and wildlife. The plants absorb nutrients, acting like filters, and give the fish a place to spawn and feed. Many are afraid the plants will "take over" the lake. This is not true, however regular pruning and maintenance is necessary. We contract with several companies that provide planting and maintenance service.

CLEANUPS: Organized homeowners or local contractors can clean the lake of garbage and algae on a regular basis. Regardless of who does it, it is better to remove the algae blooms than to spray algaecide. A plastic rake and a few minutes a week will go a long way in healing your lake. If you see a bloom, rake it out. Let it dry and then dispose of it. Believe it or not the algae, when dried, is so full on nutrients it actually's makes a very good flower bed fertilizer.

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